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LAW Written and Oral Advocacy

This guide provides resources for law students in drafting persuasive legal documents and preparing for moot trials or oral advocacy exercises.

Oral Advocacy

Oral advocacy skills are essential for all law students.  Students are required to utilize oral advocacy skills in several courses, including Fundamentals, Trial Advocacy and Appellate Advocacy.  Students who participate in the Blackstone Debates, McGillivray Moots or are on competitive moot teams will develop and demonstrate advanced oral advocacy skills.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practicing your oral presentation is probably the most critical part of your preparation, to ensure a smooth and impactful style.  Recording your practice presentations allow you to scrutinize your performance to identify distracting verbal and physical habits that need to be overcome, such as saying um or uh, or tugging on your ear. 

The Bennett Jones Law Library has two skills rooms where you can practice your oral advocacy presentation and record it on a flash drive (MFH 2348 and 2349).  The TFDL also has several presentation practice rooms in which you can record your oral presentation.

Selected Student-Focused Articles

Selected Practitioner-Focused Materials (Canadian)

Selected Books Available at the University of Calgary