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This research guide is designed to provide authoritative sources of information that will be helpful for your ENTI317 project.

Opportunity Identification

To search for articles on opportunity identification, try using some of the following keywords:

entrepreneur* or "small business*" or "new venture*" or "new business*" or innovat*
"opportunity identification" or "opportunity creation" or "opportunity recognition" or "economic opportunity"

Here are a few articles on this topic:

Genius lessons. (cover story).
By: Ankeny, Jason. Entrepreneur. Feb2015, Vol. 43 Issue 2, p32-38.

The 5 Cs of Opportunity Identification
By: Anthony, Scott. Harvard Business Review

Business Opportunity Identification through Dynamic Information Management in Collaborative Business Ventures
Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 73, 27 February 2013, Pages 616-624

Opportunity Recognition as Pattern Recognition: How Entrepreneurs "Connect the Dots" to Identify New Business Opportunities.
Baron, Robert A. Academy of Management Perspectives. Feb2006, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p104-119.DOI: 10.5465/AMP.2006.19873412.

Searching for radical new product ideas: exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis for construct validation.
By: Nicholas, John; Ledwith, Ann; Aloini, Davide; Martini, Antonella; Nosella, Anna. International Journal of Technology Management. 2015, Vol. 68 Issue 1/2, p70-98. 29p. DOI: 10.1504/IJTM.2015.068779. (This article is not available at the U of C but may be requested through interlibrary loan at no cost to you)

Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Review.
By: Phillips, Wendy; Lee, Hazel; Ghobadian, Abby; O’Regan, Nicholas; James, Peter. Group & Organization Management. Jun2015, Vol. 40 Issue 3, p428-461. 34p. DOI: 10.1177/1059601114560063.

Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies.
By: Spitsberg, Irene; Verti, Michael J.; Brahmandam, Sudhir; Coulston, George W. Research Technology Management. Jul/Aug2015, Vol. 58 Issue 4, p17-27. 11p. DOI: 10.5437/08956308X5804263

How to Identify and Select a Business Opportunity and Then Implement the Business Idea? A Case on Edupreneurship in India.
By: Agrawal, Reena. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly. Jun2013, Vol. 4 Issue 4, p176-182.

Technovation - May June 2015 - special issue on Opportunity Recognition and Creation Edited by Hang Chang Chieh and Elizabeth Garnsey
Volumes 39–40, Pages 1-104
(Instructions: Select Vol 39-40 in the left side-bar)