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Research Data Management

General information on research data management at the University of Calgary

See the menu on the left for information on specific research data management policies. In Canada, the Tri-Agency Research Data Management Policy covers research funded by SSHRC, CIHR and NSERC. However, other agencies such as CFI may also have data management requirements, including requiring data management plans with funding applications.

Indigenous data must be managed in the context of Indigenous data sovereignty. See the menu on the left for a list of resources that can assist with this.

U.S. and International funders may have their own data management policies and requirements. If a project has both Tri-Agency and other international funding, you may need to consider data management requirements from multiple funders. Other countries may have stricter requirements than Canadian agencies, and adhering to those will likely ensure compliance with Canadian funder requirements.

The FAIR Guiding Principles for Scientific Data Management and Stewardship are internationally developed guidelines to facilitate data sharing by improving the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability of research data.