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Research Data Management

General information on research data management at the University of Calgary

A data management plan (DMP) is a document outlining how you will organize, store and share your research data. It addresses each phase of the Data Management lifecycle. It is ideally written at the beginning of a project, and may be mandated by funders as part of the application process. However, it is a living document that should be revised as necessary.

DMP Assistant - a tool for writing data management plans. The Digital Research Alliance RDM (formerly the Portage Network), has a DMP Assistant that you may use to create a complete data management plan. 

DMP Tool can be used in place of DMP Assistant if applying for international grants - it has templates for a variety of funders.

For assistance with any aspect of completing a DMP, please e-mail

An important part of data management planning is developing metadata that will assist others with discovering and using your data.

Metadata is "data about data." It includes things like keywords related to the subject matter of your data, information on filetypes and software, and any other relevant information that will help users find and use your data.

Librarians are experts in metadata, and we can advise on this aspect of data management planning. To learn about metadata vocabularies in your discipline, contact your subject librarian, or consult this list of discipline-specific metadata standards from the Digital Curation Centre.