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Literature Reviews: A Research Guide

This guide offers information on what a literature review is, how to go about conducting one, and links to library resources that will help you with the process.

Grey literature: what it is and where to find it

"Grey literature" is a term that refers to literature published outside of traditional channels like books or journals. It's often produced by entities such as government departments and agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), think tanks, and sometimes even corporations. Current grey literature may be easy to find online; historical grey literature may be more difficult to locate.

Finding Grey Literature

Your advisor and other subject experts can point you to organizations conducting research outside of traditional academic channels. It's a good idea to search their web sites. Here are a few resources from the UofC library that include Canadian and international grey literature; they may or may not be relevant to your topic. You can also consult your subject librarian to discover grey literature resources specific to your discipline.