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Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada INAC is one of 34 federal government departments responsible for meeting the Government of Canada's obligations and commitments to First Nations, Inuit and Métis, and for fulfilling the federal government's constitutional responsibilities in the North. INAC also works with urban Aboriginal people, Métis and Non-Status Indians (many of whom live in rural areas). INAC is previously known as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)

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Select resources from INAC

Eliminating known sex-based inequities in Indian registration

Learn what the Government of Canada is doing to ensure equity between the sexes in Indian registration.

  • Includes information on
  • the Descheneaux decision
  • and Bill S-3

Fact Sheet - 2011 National Household Survey Aboriginal Demographics, Educational Attainment and Labour Market Outcomes

Provides a survey of Aboriginal statistics. Including population identity, Residence areas of Aboriginal peoples, Education statistics, Labour Market Activity

  • Fact sheet contains divisions of gender within overall results

Aboriginal Women in the Canadian Economy - The Links Between Education, Employment and Income

Aboriginal women in Canada face many challenges. Compared to non-Aboriginal women and to their male counterparts, Aboriginal women have lower incomes. They also work in lower level occupational categories. Research demonstrates a clear link between education and income: the greater the educational attainment, the higher the resulting income.

The Strategic Research Directorate, in partnership with the Gender Issues Directorate, commissioned a study on Aboriginal women in Canada using the 2006 Census of Population. The goal of this Strategic Research Brief is to describe the relationship that education has to employment and income for Aboriginal women in Canada

Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Annual Reports, 1864 - 1990

Library and Archives Canada

Official repository of Indian Affairs and Northern Development annual reports. An excellent source for Historical Context, Education Information, Indian Act Legislation, Indian Act Policies, Perspectives, and Gender Inequality.

This database contains references to be found in more than 40,700 digitized pages of the original annual reports for the Indian Affairs portfolio for the years 1864 to 1966 and the complete annual reports for the department of Indian Affairs from 1967 to 1990.

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