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Indigenous Topics


This guide to Canadian Residential Schools will provide information on

  • Terminology
  • How to navigate and find information on the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation site
    • Specific residential schools information and their locations
    • Institutional information for school operators
Government Resources
  • INAC
  • Department of Indian Affairs
Books, Media, and Databases
  • A selection of materials held by the U of C Library

Ancient classroom with traditional wooden benches and slate tablets, stock photo (Colourbox)

Select Search Terms

Residential Schools Education
Reconciliation Survivor
First Nations Interview
Curriculum Indians of North America
Assimilation Biography


Because the topic of Residential Schooling in Canada is a broad and historical subject, it is recommended to be highly specific in focus to prevent being overwhelmed by the research process.

To aid in the process, it may be beneficial to break down a topic as follows.

Combinations of multiple terms that range your focused topic are crucial to success.