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Indigenous Topics

Notable Resources in the IP Database

“Explore 1940's era films on the cultural and traditional heritage of the indigenous peoples of North America.”

  • On the bottom bar of the main page for IP North America, click “Short Films” under Cinematic History tab
  • There are 6 available films with individual synopses for each
    • Videos include documentaries produced about medicine, cultural traditions, and historical perspectives from the early 1900’s.
    • Some videos provide documentary of life and perceptions of historical Native Americans, while others are governmental productions.

  • If a linked video does not work due to “No plugin detected…”, click “Download this film” and open in Windows Media Player or VLC

"Manuscripts can consist of both printed and handwritten materials, such as correspondence, diaries, drawings, first drafts and revisions, government and business records, petitions, sermons, and speeches."

For example,

Moravian Mission Among the Indians of North America

The Moravian Mission Among the Indians of North America Collection contains 1,070 manuscripts. These documents are in languages which are primarily German; but also English, Latin, Delaware, Mahican, Onondaga, Cherokee, and Creek.

  • The diary entry's of this collection is excellent commentary on activities and perspective of missionaries
  • Reports in this collection highlight activities by organizations and those who represent the organization
  • This collection may be useful when examining historical actions and perspectives of missionaries in the early days of the Canadian West's development


This Content-Type mainly includes printed materials, such as historical books, government records, pamphlets, and reports on a particular subject.

Monographs are most useful when you have a clear topic or subject in mind. Identify the focus of the monograph by finding the introductory chapter, preface, table of contents, or abstract.

For example

The following Monograph is an interesting illustration of what a monograph is and how it may be utilized.

Narrative of the Canadian Red River Exploring Expedition of 1857, and of the Assinniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition of 1858

Hind, Henry Youle, 1823-1908 Vol. 1. London: Longman, Green, Longman and Roberts, 1860. 534 pp.

  • Focus on topographical surveys
  • Colony survey
  • Discussion on trade routes and communications
  • Potential to use as source for commentary on colonizer treatment of indigenous peoples

The IP Database contains 2 collections dedicated to photographs and 12 total collections that have photographs.

These photos are all historical and range from colonization to rights activist times.

  • Photograph collections may be accessed from the "Explore Collections" tab by limiting results by photo Type


You may also find photos within documents by browsing all collections and limiting results to Photograph Document Type.

  • From results, select database of interest and click specific publication or View All.
  • If "Photographs" is not selected under Document Type, click the button to view only photos.