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Indigenous Topics

General Resources to get Started

Student Success Centre Resources

Handouts produced by Student Success Centre that cover various supports to assist in academic writing. 

  • PDF format information sheets include "Citation Styles, Grammar and Editing, Scientific Reports and Research papers, and Writing Strategies.

Learn the Library Guide

Provides clear and concise information on effective research

Writing Symbols Lodge

Writing Symbols Lodge at the University of Calgary provides a culturally appropriate environment that encourages and supports the success of Aboriginal students in their pursuit of knowledge and higher education. The Writing Symbols Lodge provides academic, personal, and cultural support services and programs to prospective and current First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students, and offers a welcoming and supportive learning environment for the whole campus community.

UCalgary Student Wellness Services

University of Calgary Student Wellness Services provides on-campus supports for physical and mental health care. 

International Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies focuses upon such aspects of Indigenous peoples' experience as arts, cultures, ecologies, economies, histories, identities, knowledge, languages, literatures, music, community and political dynamics, relations with others, and ways of knowing. International Indigenous Studies examines those topics in Canada and elsewhere around the world, often in an explicitly comparative perspective.

  • Provides information on degree programs offered by the U of C for Indigenous Studies

Arctic Institute of North America Collection Library Guide

The AINA collection has always been a donated collection, which is one of the reasons that it is such an interesting, eclectic collection. The older portions of the collection contain material on all aspects of the Canadian North with additional material on northern Europe, Russia, Alaska, Greenland and Antarctica. Newer material focuses primarily — but not exclusively — on the scientific, technological and social aspects of the Canadian North. The collection is not limited to just English and one can find a variety of languages from Danish, Swedish, and Russian to Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic) and Inuvialuktun (Inuit dialects of Canada).  

  • Provides information on the Arctic Institute of North America's (AINA) collection, which is a unique collection of material about the world above the 60th North parallel as well as Antarctica.

Indigenous Studies Library Guide

Indigenous Studies are, by their very nature, worldwide in scope and interdisciplinary in character. Libraries and Cultural Resources have a wide variety of materials to support research and teaching in this area - books, journal articles, video, microforms, art, and artifacts. You will find resources that focus not only on Canadian Indigenous resources but resources for study of Indigenous peoples around the world.

Aboriginal Law Library Guide

This guide is designed to assist your research for your aboriginal law research assignments or to locate law relating to indigenous peoples. This guide will provide access to a vast array of print and electronic resources available through the library. This will help you get started by suggesting appropriate legal and interdisciplinary resources.

BUSN Aboriginal Economic Development

This guide will help you access resources related to Aboriginal economic development in Canada. Please contact the Business Library if you need more help.