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Indigenous Topics

Indigenous Statistics and Methods

This guide to Indigenous Statistics will provide information on

Public access sites
  • A selection of sites that contain statistics from general surveys such as local census results
Government of Canada sites
  • How to find Indigenous-specific statistics on the StatsCan site
  • How to find stats in the Indigenous and Northern Affairs records database
  • How to find stats in official Government Publications
Select U of C Resources
  • Select books held by the U of C Library
  • Select databases subscribed to by the U of C Library
  • Select websites that conduct surveys or data analysis

If you seek raw data to analyze or for more information, please visit the,

Spatial and Numerical Data Services Library Guide

Spatial and Numeric Data Services, Data and Statistics collects and provides access to aggregate data and Statistics Canada licensed microdata files. If you can't find the data file or data you're looking for please contact us.

If you seek compiled data reports or analysis of data under a topic, add terms to your topic search in most databases. For example, "Indigenous Population Statistics"

  • Statistics
  • Mathematical Statistics
  • Statistics AND Research