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Indigenous Topics

Indigenous Women

  • Terminology
  • Searching Methods
Government Resources
  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada resources
  • Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development Annual Reports 1864-1990
Books, Media, Articles, Databases
  • Books held by the U of C Library
  • Independent websites that focus on women rights and research
  • A selection of general articles relevant Women's Studies
  • Women's Studies databases useful for finding articles
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
  • Government and official investigative source
  • Secondary sources such as news agencies



Necklace (Bolo Style), (Emily Lafferty, 1974-75)

General Terms

A selection of terms useful when searching topics related to indigenous women



Feminist Theory


Women's Rights




Women's Studies



Mukluks, (Bella Bonnetrouge, 1974-75)

Because topics relating to Indigenous Women greatly vary in content and methodology, careful control of terminology and search strings will yield best results with minimal effort

Take the topic as example, "Workspace Inequality and Aboriginal Women Rights."

  • Begin by clicking 'Advanced Search' from the library.ucalgary homepage.
  • Use Truncation and general terms to begin the search.

  • From the results, choose books, articles, and media held in the U of C Catalogue.
  • Use the same search terms and restrictions in databases
  • Click 'Help' or 'Search Tips' in each database to use proper truncation symbols