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Indigenous Topics

Table of Contents


Search Tips

  • Steps of building your topic, terms, and results

  • How to effectively use Boolean terms

  • How to use Truncation

  • A selection of general terms used by databases

Database Searching

  • Steps on how to find and access a database

  • How to find resources within a database

  • How to access resources within a database

 General Academic Resources
  • Student Resources
  • Discipline Resources
  • Related Research Guides
Research Learning Materials
General Databases
  • Search Disclaimer
  • Search Tips
  • Why Does This Matter? 
  • External Research Guides
Terms and Definitions
Indigenous Peoples Database

Navigating the Database

  • Search Bar

  • Term Frequency

  • Term Clusters

  • Results Navigation

Resource Overview

  • Historical Videos

  • Manuscripts

  • Monographs

  • Photographs

  • Reports/Records

  • Newspapers


General Statistics Sites

  • Local Statistics
  • Canadian Statistics
  • Global Statistics
  • Indigenous Specific Statistics

Government of Canada

  • Statistics Canada

  • Citing Statistics Canada

  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada 

  • Government Publications



Indigenous Women


  • Terminology
  • Focused Searching

Government Resources

  • Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)
  • Department of Indian Affairs Report
Books, Media, Articles, and Databases


  • Government Resources
  • Secondary Sources
 Residential Schools


  • Terminology
National Center for Truth and Reconciliation (NCTR)
Government Resources
Books, Media, and Databases
Health and Wellness 

Indigenous Health and Wellness

  • University of Calgary Student Resources
  • Government of Canada Resources
  • External University Library Guides 


  • Concepts and Terms
  • Books, Media, and External University Research Guides

Traditional Healing 

  • Concepts and Terms
  • Books, Articles, Media, and External University Research Guides

The Medicine Wheel 

  • Concepts and Terms
  • Books, Articles, and Media 

Intergenerational Trauma 

  • Concepts and Terms
  • Books, Articles, and Media