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Grad Success Week 2018 - Spatial Data Visualization

Visualization Examples

Historic Events 


Natural Disasters

  • Sonoma County Wildfire Damage

    • Stresses the magnitude of the impact by using imagery

    • Illustration of a simple change detection tool (swipe tool)

Electoral Data

  • Elections Data in 2D and 3D
    • In 2D, a distorted view (without context).
    • In 3D, using a different perspective to give the user a more accurate depiction of the results. 



Other Non-Public Examples:


  • Canada Crime Data
    • Data Source: tabular with coordinate information (latitude and longitude)
    • Integration of spatial and time component

Health and Socioeconomic

  • Cervical Cancer Screen Test Rate
    • Data Source: tabular with dissemination area (DA) ID
    • Combine tabular data with census geography
    • Bring in potential socioeconomic influences to support results (e.g. census data: income and education)

Asset Management

  • Bike Rack: Capacity vs Use
    • Layering information and using symbology to derive information

Population Distribution

  • University of Calgary (Student, Alumni, and Employee) Distribution
    • Table, graph, and maps are used together to present data


Sites with Maps/Apps to Explore: 

Story Maps - Gallery

ESRI - Maps We Love