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Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo

Getting Started

This guide is really intended to be a follow-up to my workshops, but if you've landed here and are completely new to NVivo, here are some starting points.

  • Lumivero, the company that makes NVivo, has excellent help pages for Windows                 [opens in new window]            and macOS                 [opens in new window]            . Use the search box to look for specific topics.
  • They've also got a good tutorial (Windows                 [opens in new window]            ) (macOS                 [opens in new window]            )
  • There's a solid YouTube video on an older version at                 [opens in new window]            -- this runs just over 1 hour long, but will do a good job getting you started with the software.

Here's a great blog post from Dr. Andrew Huang: Tips and tricks I’ve learnt about using NVivo #PhDLife - some great advice about getting information back OUT of NVivo down towards the bottom of his post.