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Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo

Using NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis

I maintain a mailing list intended to foster a Community of Practice                 [opens in new window]            around the use of NVivo at the University of Calgary. Sign up at                 [opens in new window]

NVivo is software for Windows or macOS that supports qualitative and mixed methods research. NVivo can help you:

  • Organize and code multiple data sources in one central project file.NVivo Logo
  • Assign attributes to data (e.g., demographics) for comparative purposes.
  • Add interpretations and notes.
  • Query and search data.
  • Visualize data.

The University of Calgary has a site license for NVivo version 12, and students, faculty and staff can obtain a license through the University's Software Distribution website                 [opens in new window]            (Windows users will want the x64 version). There are also copies of NVivo installed on the machines in TFDL 440B, LabNEXT                 [opens in new window]            , and the HSL Lab                 [opens in new window]            .

More information on NVivo can be found at the vendor's website                 [opens in new window]            .

Please feel free to contact me                 [opens in new window]            if you have questions or would like a consultation on your use of NVivo.