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Qualitative Data Analysis using NVivo

Qualitative Data and AI

We're not there yet, IMHO. The two biggest issues are around confidentiality and context. For the confidentiality question, all of these services require you to upload your data to a remote server. Please carefully read all the privacy statements, and consider whether your ethics approval allows you to use one of these services if your data is leaving your computer. More practically, you need to ensure you have the ability to tell the service all about your research project, otherwise the tool has no context in which to answer your questions.

Both of these issues are addressable, but I have yet to see them both adequately solved.

With that disclaimer out of the way, here are some tools and links you can poke at, in no particular order.

Academic Literature

Christou, P. (2024). Thematic Analysis through Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Qualitative Report.
TL;DR - The author underscores the importance of not allowing AI to overshadow the analyst's critical evaluative and interpretive skills but instead supporting the use of AI as an aid in thematic analysis, enhancing the depth and breadth of analysis, provided certain criteria are adhered to.

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