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This guide is intended to help you get started with your planning research.

Full-text sources

Library collection: search the Library collection for some EIAs. Search for combinations of the following, using "and":
  • project name (e.g. Christina Lake Regional project; Eagle Creek)
  • environmental impact analysis
  • company name
  • e.g. christina lake regional project and environmental impact analysis

Alberta Environment Environmental Assessment/EIA's

  • links to many full-text documents. Other EIAs listed need to be obtained from original company.

Alberta Energy Regulator

  •  Responsible for environmental assessments (EA) related to energy resource activity.

Indexes, lists

These provide information about EIAs, but not a lot of full text. Use the information from these pages to search our catalogue, or the two Alberta sources above.

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry basic information about projects undergoing environmental assessment across Canada, starting November 2003.
  • Federal Environmental Assessment Index: archived in October, 2004 and replaced by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry (above).
    A CD covering 1995-1997 is available in the library
    A 1995 print index is available in the library