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Contemporary Topics in Ageing Stackable Certificate

3 Strategies to Finding a Known Article

You can quickly find a known journal article through the Main search box, Library Homepage

Main search box is a search engine that searches the some of the collections of UofC Libraries and Cultural resources for books, journal articles, manuscripts, works in the collection of the Nickle Arts Museum, archival material and locally digitized collections on your topic. 

Search the ARTICLE TITLE in quotes to quickly find the fulltext.

  1. Library Homepage
  2. Choose Databases from below the main search box
  3. Type, google scholar in the search box on the right, and click go
  4. Click on google scholar
  5. Type the title of the article in quotes
  6. If the library has access to the fulltext, on the right hand side of the screen, you will see either a link to the PDF, or a FindIT@UofC link.  Clicking the link will bring up the fulltext.

If you have the complete citation (i.e. author, title of article, journal title, volume, pages, year) you can quickly find the article through our Journals listing rather than conducting a search in a database.

  1. Library Homepage
  2. Choose Journals from below the main search box
  3. Type the title of the journal (exclude "the" at the beginning) and click search

Always search by journal title not article title. You will then need to scan through the various table of contents to find the article you want.

Known Article

Baumbusch, J. L., & Andrusyszyn, M. A. (2016). Gerontological content in Canadian baccalaureate nursing programs: Cause for concern?. Canadian Journal of Nursing Research Archive34(1):145-152.


Authenticating Off-Campus

Example of Authentication Screen