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Literature Reviews in Nursing

PRISMA Flow Diagram

The PRISMA Flow Diagram outlines how found your literature. It illustrates how many you found initially from all the database searches to the final number you included.

The new PRISMA 2020 Flow Diagram can be found here:


Covidence is an online program to which the Library subscribes. It is very useful for managing all of the citations you find in searches from different databases. Covidence automatically identifies the majority of duplicate citations AND Covidence will provide the information you need for your PRISMA Flow Diagram.


First, you need to set up an account in Covidence. This page provides instructions on how to set up a Covidence account
University of Calgary Covidence Account

Covidence provides excellent training videos.

Getting Started Videos


It is important to note that you do need to change a setting in Covidence when there is only 1 person involved in the literature review. 

  1. Go into your Covidence library
  2. Click on Settings, top left corner
  3. In Review Settings, scroll down to where you can see the following screen and ensure that it looks like the following screen. You must change from 2 screeners to 1 screene