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Canadian Architectural Archives


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Taylor Family Digital Library, 530G
410 University Court NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4


Thomas H. Mawson collection. Civic Centre. ca. 1913


The Canadian Architectural Archives (CAA) at the University of Calgary is one of the largest and most comprehensive architectural archives in Canada. The archives houses the collections of more than 80 Canadian architects, landscape architects, and architectural photographers spanning the early twentieth century to the present.

Established in 1974 as a collaboration of the University of Calgary’s Library and the School of Architecture, the CAA collects the work of Canadian architects to support scholarly study, to enrich the education of architectural students, and to increase public awareness of Canadian architecture through exhibitions and publications. Distinguished professor Michael McMordie was instrumental to the growth and development of the CAA into a collection of national significance. The records of the Toronto firm John B. Parkin Associates were the inaugural collection acquired by the archives in 1975. Additional donations to the archives have expanded the holdings to represent many of the major figures in Canadian modern and contemporary architecture.

The architecture archives collects and preserves the comprehensive work of an architectural practice, including preliminary sketches, construction drawings, correspondence, contracts, publicity, photographs, and presentation drawings, as well as office files, architects’ student records, and professional records such as articles, teaching, and guest lectures. The archives are available to scholars, students, faculty, and the public for study and to support teaching at the University of Calgary, as well as to serve the needs of practicing architects, architectural historians, curators, heritage planners, and others interested in the documentation of the built environment.


Panda Associates fonds. Benvenuto Apartments. 1955



The Canadian Architectural Archives is located in the Glenbow Western Research Centre (GWRC) on the second floor of the Taylor Family Digital Library. Additional storage and processing facilities are located at the High Density Library on the Spy Hill Campus of the University of Calgary. The archives are available for study at the GWRC by appointment only. We strongly recommend contacting the staff to discuss your research and schedule prior to making travel plans. 


Phone: 403-220-3958

McCarter and Nairne fonds. Marine Building. 1929



The CAA houses the archives of several of the most important figures in Canadian architectural history. Collections include those of renowned architects Douglas Cardinal, Ron Thom, Arthur Erickson, Raymond Moriyama, Diamond Schmitt, Patricia and John Patkau, and Bing Thom. The CAA holdings are particularly strong in the work of modern architects based in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto, though holdings also include the work of architects from throughout Canada. Archival records such as sketches, drawings, photographs, and project files provide valuable documentation for Canadian and international scholars.

The development of modern architecture in Alberta is well represented in the CAA holdings. The archives of important Alberta architects and firms include those of Rule Wynn Rule, Peter Hemingway, Gordon Atkins, Douglas Cardinal, Cohos Evamy, Jack Long, Hugh McMillan, Donald Bittorf, Jeremy Sturgess, and Barry Johns.

The archives holds significant historical records from early Vancouver firms McCarter and Nairne and Thompson, Berwick, Pratt & Partners, as well as the records of the Stevenson Raines firm in Calgary and F. Bruce Brown in Toronto. These collections document practices that started in the first half of the twentieth century. The Thomas H. Mawson collection is also notable for its twenty-five City Beautiful urban design plans for Calgary and Regina in the early 1910s.

The West Coast Modernist architecture of the greater Vancouver area is a particular strength of the CAA holdings, represented in the collections of Arthur Erickson, Geoffrey Massey, Ron Thom, Thompson Berwick Pratt, and several lesser-known but significant architects such as Dick Mann, Henry Yorke Mann, Roger Kemble, and Richard Hunter.

The archives includes the work of many important architects and firms based in Toronto including John B. Parkin Associates, Jerome Markson, Gordon Adamson, John Andrews, George Baird, Baird Sampson Neuert, Carmen and Elin Corneil, Diamond Schmitt, Roger du Toit, Raymond Moriyama, Mathers and Haldenby, and William Grierson.

The CAA houses the Panda Associates photography collection spanning 1946 to 1992 with over 170,000 photographs, one of the largest collections of architectural photography in the world. Notable landscape architecture archives held in the CAA include the collections of Lombard North Group and Richard Strong. The CAA also houses the records of Montreal designer Jeffrey Lindsay. The Lindsay collection documents his association with R. Buckminster Fuller, the Canadian Fuller Research Foundation, and geodesic dome design.

Among the relevant collections in the Glenbow Library and Archives are the E.T. Brown architectural records, the William Stanley Bates fonds, the Harold Hanen fonds, and the William G. Hames Rule Wynn Rule photographs. The Glenbow architectural holdings are particularly strong on regional architecture of Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Relevant collections in the University Archives include the papers of Graham Livesey, distinguished architect, author, and professor in the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape at the University of Calgary. The University Archives also houses the Faculty of Environmental Design fonds, spanning 1966 to 2011. Records relating to the construction of buildings on campus are held in the Department of Facilities Management fonds, which spans 1961 to 2009.

See the List of Collections for more information about specific CAA holdings.

Arthur Erickson fonds. University of Lethbridge. 1968

Jack Long fonds. Calgary Centennial Planetarium. ca. 1966

Douglas Cardinal fonds. Cambridge Bay Complex. 1984

Bing Thom Architects fonds. Aberdeen Centre Expansion. 2000

Canadian Architectural Archives List of Collections


Gordon Adamson fonds

Raymond Affleck fonds

Alberta Association of Architects fonds

Boak Alexander collection

John Andrews fonds

Gordon Atkins fonds


George Baird fonds

Baird Sampson Neuert fonds

Beatson Finlayson fonds

S.N. Benjamin fonds

Donald Bittorf fonds

Bond Mogridge Architects fonds

R.D. Bramwell Ebenezer Howard collection

F. Bruce Brown fonds


Calgary Civic Trust fonds

Calgary Construction Association fonds

Canadian Architectural Archives oral history collection

Carlo Carbone/Studio Cube models

Douglas Cardinal fonds

John Cawston fonds

Cohos Evamy fonds

Carmen and Elin Corneil fonds


Dale Chandler Kennedy Partnership fonds

Diamond Schmitt fonds

Down + Livesey Architects fonds

Roger du Toit fonds


Arthur Erickson fonds


John Flanders photography collection


Ronald J. Goodfellow fonds

William Grierson fonds


Peter Hemingway fonds

Ron Henderson Samuel Skead residence collection

Richard Hunter fonds

Ken Hutchinson fonds


Barry Johns fonds

Jones & Kirkland Architects Mississauga Civic Centre drawings


Roger Kemble fonds


Jeffrey Lindsay fonds

Richard Lindseth fonds

Lombard North Group fonds

Jack Long fonds

George Lord fonds

Ross A. Lort drawings for A.W. Cruise house


James A.N. Mackie Lancaster Building collection

Henry Yorke Mann fonds

Dick Mann fonds

Jerome Markson fonds

Patrick Marston postcard collection

Geoffrey Massey fonds

Mathers & Haldenby fonds

Thomas H. Mawson collection

McCarter & Nairne fonds

Stewart McGregor Patkau collection

Hugh McMillan fonds

Michael McMordie fonds

Raymond Moriyama fonds


Kenneth Nasedkin fonds


Panda Associates fonds

John B. Parkin Associates fonds

Patkau Architects fonds

Alexander Pirie drawings


RAIC 2006 Governor General’s Medals in Architecture records

Ted Raines fonds

Thomas Dunlop Rankin maquettes

Reid Crowther & Partners fonds

Rule, Wynn & Rule Calgary fonds

Rule, Wynn & Rule Edmonton fonds


Norbert Schoenauer fonds

Leo Sheftel Shaarey Tzedec Synagogue collection

Lorne Simpson fonds

Brian R. Sinclair fonds

John Caulfield Smith collection

K.C. Stanley fonds

T.E.A. Stanley fonds

Ronald Staughton fonds

Stevenson Raines fonds

Richard Strong fonds

Jeremy Sturgess fonds


Bing Thom Architects fonds

Ron Thom fonds

Thompson, Berwick, Pratt & Partners fonds


University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture glass slides collection


Ray Van Nes photographs


H.M. Whiddington fonds

Donovan and Eunice Joan Williams Canadian church slides collection


Relevant Collections in the Glenbow Library and Archives

William Stanley Bates fonds

E.T. Brown drawings

William G. Hames fonds

Harold Hanen fonds

McDougall Architect fonds


Relevant Collections in University Archives

Department of Facilities Management fonds

Faculty of Environmental Design fonds

Graham Livesey fonds


Relevant Collections in Special Collections

Maxwell Bates fonds