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Biological Sciences

  • BIOSIS Previews on the Web of Science Platform
    The major index to the biological sciences literature. Note that though this database is on the Web of Science platform, and looks the same as Web of Science, it is searching a different set of publications specific to Biology. 
  • PubMed
    The world's largest index to the biomedical literature. The link above has UofC info embedded in it, so that records display a UofC "Get Full Text" button for accessing the full article. You may want to bookmark this link.
  • Web of Science Core Collection
    WoS operates on the same platform as BIOSIS Previews, but it indexes literature from all science and social science disciplines. Use WoS when you want to find literature from other, non-life sciences disciplines. 
  • Scopus
    Scopus is a competitor product to Web of Science. Like WoS, it searches the literature in multiple disciplines. Generally speaking, WoS goes further back in time - all the way to the late 1800s, while Scopus may not go further back than the 1990s for many journals. Scopus tends to offer better coverage of social science disciplines. Scopus video tutorials

  • CAB Abstracts
    CAB is the major index to the veterinary and agriculture literature. Useful for finding literature on large animals (both farm and wildlife).

A subset of Google that only indexes academic journals. Pros: searching is very easy - just like for regular Google. Covers journals in many disciplines. Cons: Limited functionality for filtering results. May include some journals of dubious quality. See below for a screen shot showing how to set up Google Scholar to detect journals that the UofC Library subscribes to. This will allow you to avoid paywalls and access full text.