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NURS285 - Winter 2024

Library Support for Nursing

The following  Nursing Research Guide  is intended to help students find information to support research and learning in nursing.  Knowing how to effectively and efficiently find quality information is not only relevant to academic purposes (i.e. assignments and research papers). It is also essential for clinical practice.

The Alberta Association of Registered Nurse's Entry-level Competencies for the Practice of Registered Nurses (2019) suggests that entry-level RNs use evidence-informed practice (p.4).
Further, the current Scope of Practice for Registered Nurses (2022) states:

"RNs demonstrate evidence-informed practice, and participate in and lead research, quality improvement activities, and policy development to promote quality client care by ensuring nursing interventions are supported by evidence-informed rationale." (p. 9).
Definition of Evidence-Informed: "The process of combing the best available evidence through a variety of sources such as research, grey literature, experience, context, experts, and client experiences and perspectives." (p. 12)

Top 5 Things You Need to Know

  1. Your Campus  Unicard is your library card and your printing card.
  2. You can access online resources (journals, e-books, databases) anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  3. Start early -- research takes considerable time, much more time than usually anticipated.
  4. Use the Nursing Libguides to find resources directly relevant to your coursework.
  5. Chat with your librarian -- Dr. Alix Hayden -- she's here to help you succeed with your library research.

Virtual Library Orientation - General Overview of Library Services and Resources

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