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Best Practice Guide for LibGuides

Created for the LCR staff, this guide will help you to get started, understand standards, and share tips, tricks and tutorials.

Let this be your guide!

All of the material created here is based on reviewing the literature and "best practices" via the LibGuide Springshare Community Site. Feel free make suggestions to further develop this Guide.

This guide includes:

  1. Best practices - This page provides resources on best practices from Springshare as well as other academic institutions. These best practice guidelines are intended to help you create guides that are useable, accessible and appealing to all learning styles.
  2. Standards - This page covers standards with respect to usability, guide types, tags, naming conventions and guide status.

Further reading:

Some history of this guide

This Guide was originally created in 2015 to help staff through the process of creating and updating their Guides, and for transitioning from v.1 to v.2. The creators of this Guide were the LibGuides Working Group. This group included:

Leeanne Morrow (Chair) / Katrina Montgomery / Alix Hayden /  / Justin Anders (Technology Assistance) / Doug McDonnell (Technology Assistance)   


Based on the suggestions of those who attended the Instruction Discussion meetings in February and early April 2015 a LibGuides Working Group was established. Some of the suggested outputs for this group were as follows:

  1. Creation of instruction related guidelines for new users of LibGuides
  2. Creation of a “best practice “ document and tips sheet for all LibGuides users
  3. Suggestions for standardization of LibGuides
  4. Lists of general guides that need to be created that all disciplines may benefit from
  5. Creation of a clear list of who is responsible for creating which general guides
  6. Suggestions and ideas for all creators for new ways to use LibGuides