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BUSN - Bloomberg

Tutorials related to finding currency, commodity, equity, energy, economic data

Bloomberg Access

Note: The library no longer offers Bloomberg support.  Please see below for contact information.


The Bloomberg terminals are located in the finance trading lab (MTH 139).  For assistance regarding access please contact:

George Hart:

Thomas Holloway:

What is Bloomberg Professional?

Bloomberg Professional provides global financial and business information on market sectors such as equities, indices, derivatives, commodities and futures, currencies, industries and more.

Bloomberg provides real-time and historical data, news, charts, graphs, filings and more.

The tabs on the left will help you find information in different market sectors. Each tab contains a number of brief tutorials on finding specific types of data or information.

  Getting started: Bloomberg Basics/Advanced -
this tutorial provides the more commonly used basic and advanced Bloomberg functions.

Things to know before you begin:

The yellow keys are market sectors - equities, commodities, bonds (govt, muni, etc.), currencies etc.

The green keys are action keys - GO, print, menu etc.

Amber-coloured boxes are fields that you may edit or change to retrieve the data you need.


Help key

Bloomberg provides different types of support resources to help you quickly find the answer to your questions:

  • For general information about Bloomberg, such as navigating the system, loading functions and securities, and searching, input HELP for an overview of Bloomberg
  • To search for a specific type of information, such as a company, person, term, document, or data field, enter a term in the command line and the screen will display topics related to your search term
  • For help using a specific Bloomberg function, click on the green  <HELP> button and choose Functions
  • Click the green <HELP> button from any screen to get help related to that screen or function
  • If you can't find what you're looking for in any of the resources listed above, you can submit a question to the Bloomberg Help Desk and receive a response in one business day by inputting HELP and clicking "Bloomberg Help Desk"


Detailed Table of Contents


 - Company comparison - historical financials & ratios & total return
 - Company competitors or peer group
 - Company financial analysis
 - Earnings estimates
 - Equity risk premium and market risk premium
 - Historical comparison of companies
 - Historical equity stock price
 - Historical total return

 -Company screening

 -Companies with foreign operations


 - Energy company comparison
 - Historical crude oil futures prices
 - Historical crude oil spot prices

 - Historical natural gas futures prices
 - Historical natural gas spot prices


 - Currency volatility
 - Historical currency exchange rates


 - Commodity futures prices
 - Commodity spot prices

Economic Indicators

 - World economic forecasts
 - World economic indicators


 - Corporate bonds
 - Government bonds

Company Supply Chain

Bloomberg Intelligence