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History of Medicine


Materials from the History of Medicine Room are library use only. However, we may have duplicate circulating copies or access to digitized copies. See the collection links below listing all copies, ask us at the Service Desk, or contact us for assistance.

Access titles digitized by the University of Calgary or checkout our interactive Tableau Visualizations of the History of Medicine Collections. Explore the different collections, authors, titles or quickly access digital or circulating copies.

Too many or too few search results? Try browsing the catalogue by Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) or Subject Heading. Each heading may have multiple subheadings. Use Browse by Author, Title, Subject with the headings in the table below to see a list of available subheadings.

Medical Subject Headings  (MeSH)
Anatomy history
Bibliography of Medicine
Education, Medical history
History of Medicine
Medicine Bibliography
Physicians History 
Social Medicine history 
[Specialization] History

Subject Headings (non-medical)
Anatomy Early works to 1800
Anatomy History
Anatomy, Human Early works to 1800
History of Medicine Early works to 1800
History, Ancient
Medicine Bibliography
Medicine Early works to 1800
Medicine, Ancient
Medicine History
Physicians [Country/Region] History


Want to browse the shelves instead? History of Medicine books can generally be found in the following call number ranges:

WB 100 (Reference/General Works) WZ 230-260 (Early Printed Books)
WZ 1-40 (Reference/General works) WZ 270 (Americana)
WZ 51-80.5 (History by period, locality, etc.) WZ 290-294 (Modern Editions/Commentaries on early works)
WZ 100-150 (Biography) WZ 305-350 (Miscellany relating to medicine)
WZ 220-225 (Manuscripts)