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LAW Finding Law Journal Articles

This guide is intended to help researchers find journal articles, blogs and other periodicals.

Legal Journals

This guide is intended to help students and researchers in law by leading to information sources that will assist researchers in finding articles. The tabs will open pages with links to some sources. Legal databases may be restricted to University of Calgary users or to Faculty of Law users.

The articles found in legal journals (print or electronic) may be more current than texts or books. They will likely be more specific and help identify issues and keywords/search terms. Law journal articles provide in-depth information on specialized, narrow legal topics and, often, more current information than books. Law journals are a rich source of scholarly writing. Although some are published commercially, more emanate from law schools, and include articles on a broad range of subjects. The law library has a very strong journal collection - from Canada and the United States, as well as other countries. Our bound journals are arranged mostly alphabetically in the stacks on the first floor. Legal databases (for example, WestlawNext Canada, Lexis Advance Quicklaw, HeinOnline and LegalTrac) contain the full text of thousands of articles. Electronic indexes are available for legal periodicals that provide citation information to locate the articles in a journal. They may not contain the full text. The Index to Canadian Legal Literature is located in print form in the law library reference secition (K1 .A11372) on WestlawNext Canada and Lexis Advance Quicklaw.

There are also general full text sources (e.g., library search box, Google Scholar) that may provide legal articles.

General search options

Hundreds of legal journals are linked directly from the library search box (Print and electronic). Start your search broadly and note the call number and location (e.g., Law-1st Floor). You should use journal indexes and legal databases to locate articles because your search will be more complete in finding articles. 

You can search the library's collections for journal titles by using the journals search.

Main legal article databases

Some of the best sources for full-text include: