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Library Resources for Geography

Country information

BBC Country Profiles
Profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries and territories.  Also included are audio and video clips from BBC archives.

Cities of the World, 6th ed.
Current information on cultural, geographic, and political conditions in the countries and cities of six continents, based on the Department of State's "Post Reports".
Gale Virtual Reference Library, 2002

Countries and their Cultures
Examines the cultures of over 200 countries
Gale Virtual Reference Library, 2001

Country Studies and Country Profiles
From the US Library of Congress, Federal Research Division

Encyclopedia Britannica
Excellent country overviews

Financial Times World Desk Reference
Online and print, log in and place request
Worldwide country maps and data.

The World Factbook
Worldwide country information compiled by the CIA.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of the Nations
Gale Virtual Reference Library

World Flags
Oxford Reference Online, 2003