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Library Resources for Geography

What's on this page?


UCalgary Library also has a "Building Blocks for Library Research" playlist - videos on how to search, in general (Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT; Keywords and concept charts for building a database search; Peer review process)


Contact the interim Geography Librarian - I am happy to meet over Zoom to show you any of the things on this page, or to answer any questions over email

Find specific documents - "known items" video

When you are researching, you will come across references to other articles or books that you want to read. This video shows you how to do that for references to articles that have an article title, for those that don't, and for books.

Set up Google Scholar: gif

Set up Google Scholar so that the FindIt@UCalgary links are available. The links will connect back to the library, then to full-text, if the University has a subscription.

Click the "hamburger menu" --> click "Settings" --> click "Library Links" --> search "Calgary" --> check the University of Calgary options.

There is no audio for the gif below.

Geography databases

Research vs. review articles

Timepoints & the Mendeley Research Guide

  • Changing the view to a certain citation style 22:58
  • Adding citations to Mendeley 33:12
  • Citing and writing 53:42
    • Installing the Mendeley Word plugin 53:52
    • Suppressing author names from the citation 57:00
  • Create a bibliography 58:25

For other tips and instructions, see the Library's Mendeley research guide

Supplemental Mendeley videos

These gifs cover other Mendeley features that may not have been covered in the video above. There is no audio for these!


  • Your Mendeley library has references in it. If not, view the video above to see how to do that.
  • The Mendeley Word plugin is installed. If not, view the video above to see how to do that.

When referencing multiple works in the same parentheses, add them by:

  • Clicking the "Insert Citation" button -> search for the first reference --> click on the reference --> click in the search box again, and repeat the search-and-click for subsequent references

And yes, there is a grammatical error in the Word doc.

Add page numbers to the reference by first inserting the in-text reference(s), then:

  • Click on the in-text reference again --> Click "Edit Citation" --> click on the author --> add the page number or page range
  • Note: this is where you can "Suppress author" as well. This will remove the author(s) from the parenthetical citation - use this when you have already mentioned the author(s) previously within the sentence.

APA Resources

The referencing style used in GEOG 456 is APA 7. The recommended resources below link to examples and how-tos.

The APA Citation Tools & Resources research guide below links to yet more APA resources, including other examples.

The OWL at Purdue is excellent for formatting other aspects of a paper (e.g. font, spacing, page numbering, etc.) in APA style.