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LAW Canadian Statutes

This guide is intended to help researchers locate legislation for all Canadian jurisdictions and provide links to sources for other legislative materials

Finding Bills

Bills are presented in Parliament (House of Commons or Senate) or in provincial or territorial legislatures as proposed laws. Once passed into law, they become Acts or Statutes. 

  • Federal Bills are on first floor (KE 65 Senate & KE 68 Commons) until they ceased in print. For Bills since 2000, see LEGISInfo. 
  • Alberta Bill are on first floor (KEA 270) or on the Alberta Legislature's website. 
  • Canadian Current Law: Legislation (KE 173 C436. Reference) contains a summary of  legislative activity in the legislatures of the provinces and territories of Canada. The "Progress of Bills" lists bills by province and alphabetically by titles of of the bill. The "Statutes Amended, Repealed or Proclaimed in Force" section lists recent developments in the legislative history of any federal or provincial statute that has been amended, repealed or proclaimed in force.




  • Print copies of the Alberta Bills are located on the first floor under Call # KEA 27

Bills - Other Provinces

Debates / Hansard





Hansard - Other Provinces

Orders in Council

Orders in Council - Other Provinces