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EZProxy Bookmarklet

To quickly get off-campus access to a digital journal, e-book or search engine that you've found without using the libray website (for instance via Google), you can add a button to your browser in the form of a bookmarklet. This bookmarklet only works for University of Calgary students, faculty and staff. 

+ UofC ezproxy

Adding the bookmarklet to your browser (once-only): Drag the above link to your browser's Favorites Bar (Bookmarks Toolbar).

or: Use right-click (pc / laptop):

  • Right-click the button and choose Add to favorites (Bookmark this link)
  • If a safety warning appears, click Yes
  • At Create in (Folder) select: Favorites Bar (Bookmarks Toolbar)
  • Click Add (Save)

or: Tablet / smartphone:

  • Create a random favorite (bookmark) in your browser's Favorites Bar (Bookmarks Toolbar).
  • Edit the properties of this favorite (bookmark)
  • Change the name of the favorite to '+ UofC ezproxy' (or any name you choose)
  • Copy the code below and paste as the URL for the favorite:


Using the bookmarklet:
When you are on a page you have no access to, click on the bookmarklet. If it's a resource to which the Library subscribes you will be asked to login with your University of Calgary credentials. For the rest of your browser session, you will then have access by simply clicking the bookmarklet each time you encounter other digital publications and search engines (provided the library has licences for these sources).

If the library does NOT subscribe to the resource(s) in question, you'll land at a page indicating this.

Please note: in case you can't get access using the bookmarklet, you can always try whether access is provided by University of Calgary Libraries & Cultural Resources directly. Check our databases, our journal list, or e-books.