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Library information for KNES201: Activity: Essence and Experience

3 Strategies to Finding a Known Article

The main search box (called PRIMO) on the Library's homepage is a search engine that searches the collections of UofC Libraries for books, journal articles, manuscripts, , archival material and locally digitized collections on your topic.  


You can quickly find a known journal article through PRIMO:

  1. Library homepage (
  2. Type the ARTICLE TITLE in quotes in the PRIMO search box and click the search icon 
    Example: "Meaningful experiences in physical education and youth sport: A review of the literature"
  3. Scan the list of results and click on FULL TEXT AVAILABLE for the article you want
  4. Click on the link for full text on the subsequent page

Note, PRIMO does not search all of the library's resources, so you may need to use other strategies to find the article you want.

Google Scholar is a great resource to quickly find a known article. Always access through the library so that you are authenticated to access the fullext of the article.

  1. Library Homepage
  2. Choose Databases from the green icon options below the main search box
  3. Type, google scholar in the search box on the right, and click go
  4. Click on google scholar
  5. Type the title of the article in quotes
    Example: "Operationalizing physical literacy through sport education"
  6. If the library has access to the fulltext, on the right hand side of the screen, you will see either a link to the PDF, or a FindIT@UofC link.  Clicking the link will bring up the fulltext.
    • You can also click on the title of the article, but sometimes you will not retrieve the full text right away (and sometimes you may be asked to purchase access. If this happens, click on your browser's back button and look for the  FindIT@UofC link.
    • Note, if you do not see the FindIT@UofC link, do the following:
      • Find Google Scholar Settings (look at the top left, and click on the three lines beside Google Scholar, then choose Settings from the bottom)
      • Click LIbraryLinks
      • Search for University of Calgary, and then select the ones with UofC 
      • Now you should see the FindIT@UofC links beside the articles

Other Benefits of Google Scholar

Google Scholar is great for finding a known article.  You can also use that article to find:

  • cited bys -- more recent articles that cite the original article in their bibliography
  • related articles - find other relevant articles

If you have the complete citation (i.e. author, title of article, journal title, volume, pages, year) you can quickly find the article through our Journals listing rather than conducting a search in PRIMO or Google Scholar for the required article.

  1. Library Homepage
  2. Choose Journals from below the main search box
  3. Type the title of the journal (exclude "the" at the beginning) and click search

    Dudley, D. (2018). Physical literacy: When the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 89(3), 7-8.

    You search: journal of physical education recreation & dance
  4. Once you are the journal homepage, or in the database that provides access to the journal, you will need to look for the correct year and volume to find the required article

Note: Always search by journal title not article title. You will then need to scan through the various table of contents to find the article you want.

Also, you can often search for other articles in the. journal by searching, or scan through just-published articles or the current table of contents.  Reviewing other articles in the journal is another great way to expand your search quickly and easily.