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Library information for KNES201: Activity: Essence and Experience


The Library has an excellent Makerspace on the 3rd floor of the TFDL.

The Maker movement involves people who are engaged in a do-it-yourself process of reiterative, low-budget prototyping to make and share creations" (Halverson and Sheridan, 2014)

Visit the Makerspace and use some of its resources including:

  • 3D printing
  • 3D scanner
  • Carvey CNC Milling Machine
  • Cricut Vinyl Cutter
  • Raspberry Pis
  • Arduinos
  • Sewing and Embroidery

Make something that will help solve the inactivity crisis in Canada.

To learn more about the Library's makerspace, visit Makerspace:

Note, a mandatory orientation is required for anyone wanting to access the Makerspace. It provides a general introduction to the space, and an introduction to potential hazards and safe use of the space. Use the above link to find out when orientations are offered.