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PRISM (formerly known as DSpace) is University of Calgary's Digital Repository used to collect, preserve and disseminate the academic works of faculty, students, and research groups.

The basic search box is provided at the center of the PRISM homepage and top of the sidebar on all other PRISM pages.

Entering terms into this search box will perform a full-text search unless syntax is used to perform a more specific query. Hit return or the magnifying glass icon to execute the search.

The magnifying glass icon will take you to a page where additional search features are available.This interface performs complex queries using Filters.  A drop-down menu allows for setting the search in  "All of PRISM" or just one community.

Use other drop-down menus to set your search terms in specific fields.

Use the plus or minus to add or subtract the number of filters.  Click Go when using only the top search box. Click Apply to apply filters.