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NURS485 - Fall 2022

This guide will provide strategies and suggestions for finding articles ABOUT a research methodology

Finding Articles About Research in CINAHL

Finding articles ABOUT a research design/method in CINAHL

Searching like you are used to searching is not the most effective way to find articles about a research method.

It is better to use the power of the database, including using subject headings which are tags assigned by the database to each article. These tags indicate what the article is about.

So, there are specific tags/subject headings for different research methods.


In CINAHL, the following subject headings are very useful for finding articles about a research method.

(MH "Research Methodology") OR (MH "Study Design") 


You can copu and paste the above subject headings into CINAHL to conduct a search on your study design.

The slides and the video provide step by step instructions.