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Artificial Intelligence

In today's world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) impacts all education fields and is not subject specific. This Research Guide is here to support your research and learning journey in Artificial Intelligence.

University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Supports

ChatGPT and other AI tools has been a major topic in learning technology discussion for the past few months.

University of Calgary community members Eaton and Anselmo (2023) provide a practical overview of the use of AI apps in education. They recommend instructors the following considerations: engage with these tools, explain them to students and explore possibilities for enhancing teaching and learning. Read their full article through this link for more guidance on how to engage, explain and explore AI tools in teaching and learning. 

Elearn @ UCalgary has had a running list of articles and resources for instructors beginning in January 2023. It is updated as new information is shared. A few selections from this page are linked in the below box. 

A summary from the Taylor Insitute for Teaching & Learning released a summary entitled, "A First Response to Assessment and ChatGPT in your Courses" to support instructors' questions on the use of AI tools in the classroom. 

A page has been created by the Partnership on University Plagiarism Prevention on Artificial Intelligence and Plagarism, which has further reading on artificial intelligence detection, plagarism concerns, and integrating AI into pedagogy.