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Continuing Education

Continuing Education Guide for Instructors and Students

Accessing E-Books as a Continuing Education Student

Login Access Instructions

Who has access to Library Resources?

Continuing Education students enrolled in courses that are 10 or more instructional hours have complete access to online journals and e-books through the University of Calgary Library.

For Continuing Education students, library access is available 30 days before your course start date and 30 days after the end date.

For Continuing Education instructors, library access is available 60 days before your course start date and 60 days after the end date.

How to access Library Resources? 

This depends on the type of resource to which you need access: A) electronic or B) physical items.

  1. Always start at the Library Home Page.
  2. Enter your search terms in the "Search" box.
  3. Click on the result record of the specific resource you wish to access - always scroll down to the "View It / Get It" sections - Refer to figure 1.
    • A. Electronic items -> View full text.
      • If it is almost any electronic article, e-journal, or e-book, use the DestinyOne login instructions below.
    • B. Physical items -> Request. 
      • If it is a physical book, use the Unicard barcode login instructions below.

A. Electronic item access: use DestinyOne username + password.

When to use: You will use your DestinyOne username and password for access to almost all e-journals and e-books.

NOTE 1: ​E-book providers. There is no access to O'Reilly/Safari e-books to DestinyOne users.
NOTE 2: Timing. DestinyOne updates occur daily between 1:00pm and 2:00pm MT. Access to the "view full text" electronic resources is not possible during this time.
NOTE 3: Password. For your password's special character, consider if it is one of these allowed characters below.

Once you have found the resource you want, and you notice there is an electronic link...

1. Scroll down to the "View It" section.

2. Click on the "view full text" link. 

3. Library User Authentication window will pop up. 

4. Choose the option for Continuing Education Students, currently labeled "ContEd Students".

5. Enter your 8-digit DestinyOne ID and password assigned to you by Continuing Education.

B. Physical items: Unicard barcode to request a book for pick-up.

When to use: You will use your UNICARD barcode and password for placing requests on physical books to pick up in person at a preferred UCalgary library location. Instructions for acquiring a UNICARD can be found here.

NOTE 4: UNICARD. In order to a) borrow books from the library and b) check the status of your library account, you will need a UNICARD. Again, you may need to contact Unicard for your barcode and take a few minutes to set up your library account - but only for borrowing physical items.

Once you have found the resource you want, and you notice that it is a book in physical form:

1. Scroll down to the "Get It" section.

2. To get the physical book, you can visit the library in person:

a. if the book is in the library's "Main collection", collect the book off the shelves yourself; or,

b. request the book to be collected by Library Staff and stored for you "On Hold" at your preferred UCalgary Library location.



If you qualify for library access - for example, your course is 10 hours or longer - and would like more guidance, please contact the Library’s LiveChat or Continuing Education during regular business hours.