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Newspapers & News Media

Guide to current and historical news sources, Canadian and worldwide.

Newspapers and News Media Sources

Finding Newspapers and News Media Sources

This guide is intended to get you started in your research for newspapers and news media sources. It covers both current and historical sources in all formats. This guide will provide links to databases and websites specifically for finding present and historical editions of these types of sources. It includes open access and database sources restricted to current faculty, students, staff, and researchers affiliated with the University of Calgary. Separate pages can be found in this guide for some of the most used databases on campus, sources by location, and type of news source.

News is found in a variety of formats including online databases, print, microformat, and free websites. In addition to format, there are also many ways to find newspapers and news media sources. The easiest news stories to find are the most recent. However, news available on websites often don't have an archive of older news stories.

The best sources to find these articles depends on whether you are looking for current or historical articles. For subject-specific news sources, consult the relevant subject-specific guides or consult a subject librarian.

Finding Specific Newspaper Titles

The best place to begin your search for news articles is the library search box, Primo. This search box can be found on any library webpage. To find a specific newspaper, search by title. If you don't know the title, you can search by the city or town name as a subject, combined with "newspapers" (e.g., (Calgary) -- newspapers).

To find specific newspaper titles, use the Journals link from the website, then type the title in the search box.

To find and request newspapers in microformat, please visit our Microforms Guide.


This guide was created in 2019 by Nadine Hoffman and Susan Beatty, using original content created in 2016 by Dani Pahulje.