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Developing a Library Research Platform for 21st Century Scholars

The direct intersection between university libraries and academic research has significantly diminished in the past two decades. For continued relevance on campus academic libraries need to develop a new approach to working within the research endeavour.

Media and Publications

Multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure: The Role of 21st Century Libraries (Planning Grant)

  • Sowa, Jennifer (2015). University of Calgary explores new role of libraries in academic research: Libraries and Cultural Resources received grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to lead North American study of the role of next-generation libraries in enhancing multidisciplinary collaborations. UToday, June 5, 2015. [LINK]
  • Sowa, Jennifer (2015).  University faculty explore changing role of libraries.  UToday, November 24, 2015. [LINK]
  • Hickerson, Tom and McConnell, Mary (2016).  Report on Multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure: The Role of 21st Century Libraries.  March 2016. [PDF]
  • Hickerson, Tom; Lippincott, Joan; Ruddock, Kathryn (Ranjit); Sadler, Shawna (2016).  [LINK] [SLIDES] [VIDEO]

Academic Research and University Libraries: A New Model for Collaboration (Project Grant)

Presentations & Articles

  • Brosz, John (2020).  Proceedings of the Critical Roles for Libraries in Today's Research Enterprise Symposium in Washington, DC, December 11, 2019.  Published January 28, 2020.  [PAPER]
  • Hickerson, Tom (2010).  Redefining our Role in Academic Research.  Critical Roles for Libraries in Today's Research Enterprise Symposium, Washington, DC. Dec 11, 2019. [SLIDES]
  • Hickerson, Tom and Brosz, John (2019).  Redesigning the Research Library Experience: Case Studies, Key Questions.  CNI Fall 2019 Membership Meeting, Washington, DC. Dec 10, 2019. [SLIDES]
  • Hickerson, Tom and Brosz, John (2019). Remaining Relevant: Critical Roles for Libraries in the Research Enterprise. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2019 - Athens, Greece - Libraries: dialogue for change.  August 25, 2019. [PAPER]
  • Hickerson, Tom (2019).  Research has Changed: Have libraries? RLUK19, Research Libraries UK, London.  March 20, 2019. [VIDEO]
  • Hickerson, Tom, and Crema, Leonora (2019).  Reinventing Libraries for Research in the Digital Age.  Research Fortnight.  March 13, 2019. [LINK]
  • Hickerson, Tom; Goopy, Suzanne; and Brosz, John (2018).  What is the Future of Libraries in Academic Research?  CNI Fall 2018 Membership Meeting, Washington, DC. Dec 11, 2018. [VIDEO]
  • Hickerson, Tom (2018).  Creating a New Collaborative Future: The Evolving Role of Libraries in Today's Academic Research Enterprise.  Jisc and CNI Leaders Conference 2018, Oxford, UK.  July 2, 2018.  [SLIDES]
  • Alford, Larry P.; Dempsey, Lorcan; Meredith-Lobay, Megan; Sutton, Shan; Hemmasi, Harriette; and Eckman, Charles (2018).  Panel on the envisioned impact of the Academic Research and University Libraries project at the University of Calgary on their own institutions.  Calgary, AB, May 17, 2018. [VIDEO]
  • Hickerson, Tom; Reaume, Renée; Reiche, Ingrid; Alexander, Rob; Pival, Paul; Brosz, John.  The needs of researchers have changed.  UCalgary LCR Town Hall Presentation, February 6, 2018. [LINK]
  • Hickerson, Tom (2017). But We Don’t Do Research Like That Anymore, CNI Spring 2017 Membership Meeting, Albuquerque, NM, April 2017. [LINK] [SLIDES]
  • Hickerson, Tom (2017). Library NEXT: Envisioning a New Knowledge Infrastructure. Designing Libraries 6 Conference, Raleigh, NC, September 2017.
  • Hickerson, Tom (2017). Aligning the Library Organization to Meet Research Needs at the University of Calgary, ARL-CNI Fall Forum 2017, Washington, DC, October 2017.


  • Sowa, Jennifer (2017).  Transforming the role of academic libraries in multidisciplinary research. UToday, March 30, 2017. [LINK]
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  • Libraries and Cultural Resources Staff (2018).  Transforming the role of academic libraries in the research enterprise. UToday, November 1, 2018. [LINK]
Subgrant Media
  • University of Calgary Advancement Staff (2020).  Digital archives of Alberta residential schools may serve educational role:  Three UCalgary projects receive support through New Frontiers in Research Fund.  UCalgary News, July 27, 2020. [LINK]
  • Rieger, Sarah (2019).  From birds to bees, U of C celebrates role pollinators play in biodiverse communities.  CBC News, June 18, 2019 [LINK]
  • Hunt, Stephen (2019).  University of Calgary unveils digital archive of 300 bee species.  CBC News, May 17, 2019. [LINK]
  • Babych, Stephanie (2019).  U of C buzzing about release of digital bee collection.  Calgary Herald, May 16, 2019. [LINK]
  • Goopy, Suzanne, et. al (2018).  Empathic Cultural Mapping: Little data, big data, knowledge transfer and exchange.  Conference Proceedings for International Population Data Linkage Conference 2018. [LINK]
  • Pike, Helen (2018).  Calgary’s sidewalk network full of missing links affecting health of newcomers.  StarMetro Calgary, June 3, 2018. [LINK]
  • Senick, Joel (2018).  Calgary professor brings voice to newcomers through interactive health project.  Global News, May 27, 2018. [LINK]
  • Sea, Lynda (2018).  Nursing researcher's storytelling tool brings together small stories and big data.  Medicalxpress, May 3, 2018. [LINK]
  • Sea, Lynda (2018).  Nursing researcher's storytelling tool brings together small stories and big data.  UToday, May 3, 2018 [LINK]