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How to use the Reading List Service (Leganto)

This guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to access and create your course reading lists in the Reading List Service through D2L

Guide for Students

The Reading List Service is a collaborative web app for creating and managing course readings and resource material. It helps instructors select resources from a variety of sources, involves library staff to manage access and availability, and provides students with direct access to the readings.

"This is so much easier for the students to have everything in one place."

Social Work Instructor

Quick Reading List Access

1. In Detail: How do I access my course reading list?

1. Go to D2L and select the class you would like to access the reading list for:


2. Navigate to the "My Tools" dropdown menu and select "Reading List (Leganto)":


3. Select the specific reading you would like to access:

2. How to Search or Browse for a Resource on a Reading List?

3. Export a Reading List into a Bibliography

4. Search for Specific Reading List