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To learn how to use any of the databases, please reach out to the business library team:  

MKTG 317 - Team-Based Assignment

The website provided in the assignment is a great place to start learning about the product and company.  From this site, you can determine the company that produces that particular product. Be sure to check out the company website as well.  

Researching The Company/Organization

Many of the products in the assignment are produced by private or very small companies and it may be difficult to find information on these companies.  In addition to the product's website and the company's website, try the databases below.  You may have to search for news articles on the product or company, or industry information (sources below).




Input the product name into the big search box at the top left on the homepage of Passport. The larger competitors will likely have brand share data.

Search for consumer trends within the Consumer Lifestyles Reports by clicking on Consumers --> Lifestyles --> Country Reports --> Canada or U.S., from the dark blue horizontal ribbon.Check out the "Passport - An Introduction" tutorial below to learn how to find market penetration, size, etc. within Passport database.

Passport Database - An introduction 

Business Source Complete 

Business Source Complete is a general business database that contains scholarly, trade and news articles, as well as company reports, industry reports and more. 

MarketLine reports are one type of company report available in this database. Search Marketline AND Company name. You can also simply search by company name and limit search results by report type, date, etc. Often these reports include competitor information.

Business Source Complete - Finding Company Profiles 

Proquest One Business

This database contains a broad array of business information, from scholarly journals and dissertations, to company, industry and market focused trade news and features the latest news from top sources.



Orbis contains information on over 150 million companies (listed and unlisted) worldwide. Orbis includes: company financials in a standardized format, financial strength indicators, ratings for listed companies, original filings/images, stock data, private equity data and portfolios, patents, detailed company ownership structures, industry research, business and company-related news, and M&A (mergers and acquisitions) deals and rumors.

Orbis - Finding company and industry information

Mint Global

If your company cannot be found in Mint, look up a larger company or public company in the same industry as your company in Mint database. Choose the green "everything" tab. Scroll down to Company Reports. Check out the reports by MarketLine and GlobalData. They often include competitor information.

Mint Global - Finding Company Information 


Choose Companies/Markets tab --> Companies --> Search your company. 

Factiva: An introduction 

Public Companies

Annual reports and associated company filings for publicly traded companies are available through the company's website - Investor Relations section, through a web search, or through SEDAR and EDGAR databases as shown below:

SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval) 

For Canadian companies, view the Annual Report and quarterly MD&A Reports (Management Discussion & Analysis Reports).

SEDAR - Finding Canadian company filings 


For American companies, view the 10K Annual Report which includes Item 7: Management's discussion & analysis of financial condition and results of operations.

EDGAR: Finding US company filings 

Additional Resources

In addition to the resources highlighted in "Researching the Company/Organization" above and the "Researching the Industry" page, we recommend searching for news articles, trade articles and journal articles about your company or product within the following databases:

Canadian Newsstream


Canadian business & current affairs database



Business Source Complete


ABI / Business Premium Collection

Communication & Mass Media Complete


Company Research Guide

For more sources on company information, see our Company Research guide.

Marketing & Consumer Research Guide