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Centre for Career and Personal Development Degree Profiles

These degree profiles look at potential jobs, key skills & atributes, associations & professional development and great books which relate to each degree and its potential career path.


The University of Calgary Department of Linguistics is one of western Canada's leading centres for the scientific study of language. 

Key Skills & Knowledge

Critical thinking/analytical: Identify patterns; Integrate knowledge from a number of disciplines; listen, read for meaning and social use; analyze in all aspects of language (sounds, words, sentences, meanings).

Awareness of the role of language in transmitting culture: Cross-cultural awareness related to language, social content and historical language change; awareness of the contribution of different cultures/languages to Western culture/language, awareness of how language conditions not only what we think but how we think.

Communication: Influence and persuade an audience or reader; writing carefully reasoned reports; Present theories and ideas in a comprehensive manner.

Knowledge of the structure and function of language: Understanding of language and linguistic theory; understanding of language development, structure, meaning and process understanding of syntax, phonetic, morphology, and semantic recognition.

Problem solving skills: Identifying problems, developing solutions; decision making skills.

Sample Job Titles

Please note some of these positions may require further training, certification or education. Check out the occupational profiles to review the full details for the occupations that interest you at

  • Audiologist
  • Child development Facilitator
  • Close Caption Technician
  • Copy Editor
  • Dialect/Voice Coach
  • Editor (editing, proofreading, indexing)
  • Educational Researcher
  • ESL/Language Teacher
  • Forensic Linguist
  • Information Technology/Natural
    Language Processing
  • Intelligence Officer
  • Journalist
  • Language Materials Developer
  • Lexicographer (terminology,
    dictionary work)
  • Librarian
  • Linguistic Policy Researcher
  • Market Researcher
  • Proof-reader
  • Researcher/Research Assistant
  • Speech Language Pathologist
  • Speech Writer
  • Standardized Test Developer and Evaluator
  • Technical Writer
  • Translator/Interpreter
  • Writer

Potential Industries

  • Advertising
  • Child development
  • Communications
  • Editing
  • Educational Institutions
  • ESL and foreign language teaching
  • Foreign Affairs & Diplomatic Service
  • Government
  • HealthCare/Hospitals/Health Centres
  • Hi-tech Industries
  • Interpreting and Translation services
  • Laboratories
  • Language Institutions
  • Lexicography industry
  • Market Research Institutions
  • Marketing Firms
  • Media Corporations
  • Public Relations Companies
  • Publishing Firms
  • Software and Computational Companies
  • Voice Recognitions Industry
  • Writing

Did you know?

Formal Career Assessments like the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be helpful tools for your career development.  These assessments have been used for decades to help individuals choose a major, explore career options during and upon completion of a degree and to further understand yourself in relationship to the world of work.  Inquire with Career Services if you are interested in these formal assessments.


Key Contacts

Faculty Contact

Arts Students' Centre
Social Sciences Building, SS102
T: 403.220-6318

Clubs on Campus:

Verbatim University of Calgary Linguistics Club 

Career Services
MacEwan Student Centre, Room 188
T: 403.220.8020