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Centre for Career and Personal Development Degree Profiles

These degree profiles look at potential jobs, key skills & atributes, associations & professional development and great books which relate to each degree and its potential career path.

Risk Management Insurance

Risk management is the process of formally identifying and evaluating risk, and choosing the most efficient method of paying for and recovering from potential loss. One method often considered to handle potential losses is insurance, the organized sharing of losses across individuals and companies.

Without risk management and insurance, businesses would more often be put out of business by unpredictable losses. Fewer individuals could own homes, drive cars, attain adequate medical attention, and provide financial security for their families.

The business of assuming risk from others is becoming increasingly sophisticated and global in nature. This makes the insurance industry an exciting and challenging place to work. As one of the most established programs in the country, and the only one in Western Canada, the RMIN program in the Haskayne School of Business is both practical and progressive. It is designed to provide students with an understanding of the risk management process, insurance products for business, insurance company operations, and the competitive environment of this dynamic industry. Over two dozen industry-sponsored scholarships are available.  

Key Skills & Knowledge

Specific application of these skills is dependent on the role:

  • Ability to communicate complex ideas
  • Critical thinking
  • Highly developed problem solving skills
  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Enjoy learning new things
  • Strong Analytical and Attention to detail

Sample Job Titles

Please note some of these positions may require further training, certification or education. Check out the occupational profiles to review the full details for the occupations that interest you at

  • Actuary
  • Credit Risk Analyst
  • Underwriter/Commercial and Personal/Small Business
  • Financial Planner
  • Applications Architect
  • Applications Consultant
  • Capital Strategist
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Mortgage Loan Underwriter
  • Safety Consultant
  • Loss Control Specialist
  • Workers Compensation Claims and Insurance Analyst/Manager
  • Environmental Risk Assessment Specialist
  • Insurance Broker
  • Claims Agent
  • Risk Officer

Potential Industries

  • Governmental Departments
  • Manufacturing
  • Management Consultant
  • Construction
  • Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Financial Institutions
  • Corporate Wellness Services
  • Natural Resources Agriculture
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Retail
  • HealthCare
  • Federa​l

Additional Resources

Student Clubs

Aligned Majors (varies depending on type of venture). Some suggestions:

Did you know?

Formal Career Assessments like the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be helpful tools for your career development.  These assessments have been used for decades to help individuals choose a major, explore career options during and upon completion of a degree and to further understand yourself in relationship to the world of work.  Inquire with Career Services if you are interested in these formal assessments.

Featured Books

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