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High School Classes

This guide is designed to help build research skills for high school students

Search for Open Access Articles

Find open access content

Once you are no longer a student at the University of Calgary, you lose access to many of our electronic resources.  However, there are some great tools that help information-seekers easily and legally find openly-accessible research articles.


This free browser extension for Chrome or Firefox will help you find openly-accessible versions of articles.  It searches for OA content from over 50,000 publishers and repositories. Get the extension.
Unpaywall: the green tab means there is a free version available!










Open Access Button

Visit the website and enter a URL, DOI, PMID, PMC ID, Title or Citation and the OA button will search for a freely accessible version.  Or, install the Chrome browser extension to check for freely accessible content as you browse.  If a free version of the item you want isn't immediately available, OA button will start a request for you, asking the author to make a copy freely and legally available.
Open Access button