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High School Classes

This guide is designed to help build research skills for high school students

What is research?

When you look for resources for a class paper or project, you are doing basic research.

Libraries provide many resources to help you do research including books, articles, and databases.

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For Teachers

If you are a teacher please see our Information for Teachers page which includes how to arrange an in-person or online library research workshop.

Steps of research

Research can be broken down into steps. This guide will focus on five steps in detail. Each step includes a module:

  1. Getting started and choosing a topic

  2. Identifying resources you will need to write on the topic

  3. Searching, locating, and accessing library resources

  4. Evaluating the quality of what you've found

  5. Start writing, and citing


Start early, doing research takes time. There are resources and library staff available to help you at any stage so ask us anytime!

The image below illustrates another way of breaking down the steps of doing research into a continual process:


This video tutorial breaks down the research process in another way, this time including a 6th step "presenting your research".

TCC ELibrarian. (2013, Dec. 18). Six step research process [video]. YouTube.

Did you know?


of students found that getting started was the hardest part of working on an assignment.


This guide is designed to help you with that process.



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