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LAW Writing For and Publishing In Law Journals

Resources to assist law students and new faculty members with writing notes, comments or articles for law journals, information on factors editors use to select articles for publication, and sources used to choose which law reviews to submit to.

University of Calgary Intellectual Property Policy

The University's Intellectual Property Policy addresses the issue of ownership of all scholarly and creative products developed by members of the University community.  The Legal and Intellectual Property office's mandate includes advising faculty members and graduate students on the interpretation of the Intellectual Property Policy.

Publishers' Copyright Policies

SHERPA/RoMEO is a database that contains the copyright policies for specific journals and publishers.  Search the database to see the default copyright policy for the publisher or journal you are submitting your article to. 

Note: There may be a delay before the information is updated in Sherpa/RoMEO so you may also want to check the website of the individual journal or publisher to ensure you have the most current version of their copyright policy and author's rights information.


Use these forms to create an addendum to attach to the publisher's agreement to retain your rights.