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International Students' Resources

Workshops for International Students

Centre for Career and Personal Development (CCPD) Workshops Designed Specifically for International Students


We offer a number of specialized workshops for international students of all levels (Undergraduate, Master's, PhD and exchange) related to job search and career development. To sign up for a workshop or event you can go to and select Register for a Workshop/Event.

Working in Canada

An overview of the Canadian job application process, including information about the documents needed to apply for jobs, Canadian interviews and more.  As an international student, there are several types of work you can do in Canada, some of them will require a specific permit. Learn about the different Canadian work permits you will need to be eligible to work in Canada (presented by the International Career Development Specialist and the International Student Specialist/ Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant)


Canadian Workplace Culture and Your Career Success in Canada

Canada has a very multicultural workplace! Your cultural background influences the way you think and behave. The more you learn about Canadian culture, the more career success you will achieve in Canada! Workplace culture is defined as the combination of the behaviour, actions and attitudes that are considered acceptable at a place of work (your verbal and non- verbal communication, how you greet others, appropriate topics of conversation, and more). In this workshop you will learn:

  • To understand and adjust to the unwritten rules at work in Canada
  • How to appropriately interact and communicate with others while searching for a job in Canada
  • About cultural differences and how your cultural background influences your behaviors and actions
  • Strategies to integrate into the Canadian workplace
  • How to improve your cross-cultural communication


Canadian Interviews and How to Prepare for One

Learn how to prepare and succeed in a Canadian interview. You will learn what to do before, during and after the interview. Topics such as how to better prepare for behavioural interview questions specific to the job posting, non-verbal communication, salary negotiation, pronunciation tips, follow-up after interviews, Canadian references and more will be discussed. Opportunities to practice will be available.


Writing a Canadian Resume and Cover Letter

The workshop will provide you with detailed information regarding resume and cover letter structure, how to write accomplishment statements, how to analyze a job description and target your application documents when applying to jobs in Canada. Also, you will learn about applicant tracking systems, transferable skills, KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) and how these are used during the Canadian recruitment process.


How to Prepare for a Career Fair as an International Student

Understand what a Career Fair is and why it is important in Canada, what the purpose of attending is, how to prepare, which companies to target and what to do during and after a Career Fair.


How to gain Canadian experience and Find a Job in Canada

Having valuable Canadian experience will help you find a job. In this workshop you will learn what valuable Canadian experience is and why it is important, explore options for gaining Canadian experience and learn about decision making and goal setting. Also, learn about job search engines and innovative ways of searching for a job.


Connecting With Other People in Canada (Networking)

It is estimated that 80% of the jobs in Canada are found through networking. Since the first day you arrived to Canada you have been networking. You have been networking every day and everywhere you go! You are networking when you talk to the person next to you in class, introduce yourself to other students, and meet a friend or professor. Everyone you meet can help you get closer to finding a job in Canada. In this workshop you will learn what networking is, why it is important, how to use LinkedIn (an online networking website) and how to maintain professional relationships. You will also learn tips to improve your verbal and non-verbal communication.


Culture, Identity and Navigating Career Choices (Part 1)

Career Services in co-ordination with Wellness Centre welcomes all international students for a conversation/dialogue on culture, identity and navigating career choices. Exploring career choices as an international student is often an exciting and challenging phase. To make this journey more enriching, we are inviting all international students and those who identify themselves as international to share their experiences, gain from the experiences of others, foster a discussion, and create support. We believe in the "each one, teach one" principle, where every person is recognized to carry knowledge and/or experience that can be shared to educate others.


Culture, Identity and Navigating Career Choices (Part 2)

Career Services in co-ordination with Wellness Centre welcomes all international students to attend this session to learn strategies that will help you effectively navigate career choices, while being mindful of your cultural identity. Exploring career choices as an international student is often an exciting and challenging phase. To make this journey more enriching, we are inviting all international students and those who identify themselves as international to attend. Topics that will be discussed include: redefining career success in Canada, managing internal dialogue, evaluating internal and external expectations (ex: how to honor your family’s career expectations and your own), and tips to build confidence, amongst other topics.


What To Do After You Graduate

Are you an International Student graduating soon and not sure what to do now? Whether you are considering staying in Canada, going back to your home country or furthering your education this workshop is for you! You will learn how to effectively make decisions, career plans, set goals and explore options for your degree. Also, what you need to consider if you are planning on going back home or staying in Canada including applying for Permanent Residency, reverse culture shock and staying connected with the University. (Collaboration between: International Student Services, Wellness Centre, Alumni Office and CCPD).

Working in Canada

We have a team of 5 Career Development Specialists that students can book one-on-one appointments with.  To book an appointment with a Career Development Specialist, you can do so by going to



CCPD One-on-one Appointments Specifically for International Students: