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A guide to library research for Historical research at the University of Calgary.

Finding History Articles

Articles are often about more specific research topics, and published faster than books. Scholarly articles are usually part of academic journals. 

You can find history journal articles through a variety of interdisciplinary and history databases. Library databases contain bibliographical details, and subject terms to find other relevant articles. Some databases include the complete article while others only include abstracts. Abstracts will help researchers determine relevant articles. Check out the Reference Sources section of this guide for how tertiary sources will help you find articles.

To see if the University of Calgary collections include a specific journal, use the Journals link from the library's website and search the title of the journal. While most journals are available electronically, some journals are only found in the print collection. 

Articles can also be found in magazines and newspapers. These articles can be considered primary sources. For more information on primary sources, use the tab "Primary Sources' or link to the "Primary Sources Guide." 

Important Databases for Researching History

When researching topics in the field of history since 1450, the most important indexes for finding articles are:

Other databases that work well for researching in the field of history include:

Find Articles for History prior to 1450

If you are looking for research articles on topics between 400 AD and 1450 AD you should use one the following databases:

For research articles covering topics prior to 400 AD, try using: