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Wikipedia Edit-a-thon Guide

This guide provides tips for participants in Wikipedia Edit-a-thons

Checklist to get Started

  1. Create a Wikipedia account before February 23rd. Read instructions on how to do so on our Creating Your Account section.
  2. Make sure you've had your account for at least 4 days, and made at least 10 edits. You need to do this to be able to create a Wikipedia article. Read our Editing Wikipedia section for ideas on small edits you can make.
  3. Register for one or both of the Little Wiki Edit-a-Thon on the Prairie sessions on February 28th at 5pm and March 11th at 2pm. We will have a short training session at each, followed by time together to edit and ask questions.
  4. Get editing!

Ideas for Articles to Create/Edit

Need an idea for an article to edit or create?

Check out the Wikiproject Women in Red for more tips, and their list of Canadian women in need of articles.