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Peer Mentorship and Mental Wellbeing

A guide to supporting mental wellbeing and peer mentorship.

Update:  In 2022, our research team developed a self-directed online micro-credential course open to all  University of Calgary students. Click on the D2L course link (included in this Libguide) to self-register for this course.


This LibGuide was created to complement an in-person Campus Mental Health Strategy grant: funded workshop entitled: “Promoting Graduate Student Mental Health Through Peer Mentorship”. The workshop was designed to peer mentorship and positive mental wellbeing among university students.

This guide is intended to provide resources to promote peer mentorship among university students. Peer mentorship can be defined as supportive relationships among peers at similar stages in their educational or career journeys. This guide can be used by:

  • University students looking for strategies to develop a supportive network of peers;
  • Faculty or staff to promote supportive relationships among their students;
  • Faculty members, staff, or student leaders looking to develop a formal peer mentorship program in their department.




At the University of Calgary, the Campus Mental Health Strategy aims to build a community of caring on our campus. This guide will also show you how peer mentorship can support positive mental wellbeing.