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Undergraduate Research

Resources for course-based undergraduate research experiences

Suggested Readings

Doing academic research

Written by Ekpe Inyang

"Introduction to scientific writing that takes care of all aspects of academic research. The author explains how to design a research project, describes the research process, defines research types, designs, methods and instruments, shows how to analyse and interpret data, and how to present the research."

Research: The journey from pondering to publishing

Edited by Serwan M.J. Baban

"The book has been divided into three sections, each containing several chapters. The first deals with the first steps, such as characterizing and defining research. The second focuses on accomplishing research through exploring various methodologies and approaches for actualizing research. The final section deals with writing research proposals for funding as well as writing to publish". (p. 2)

Doing Your Undergraduate Project

Written by Denis F. Reardon

Advice is given on all that is involved in undertaking a project, from the choice of the topic through writing the proposal, reviewing the literature, selecting and using methods of investigation, recording, interpreting and discussing results to drawing conclusions and writing the final report.